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Celebrate Organic Wine Week- All Year! – Mixed 6 pack

$192.00 $163.20

September is officially the month for organics, with people in the Southern and Northern hemispheres celebrating all the great things about organics.

We’ve made up a fabulous 6 pack celebrating three hero wines in our range. Two bottles of each wine and discounted by 15%

2022 Toru – Our unofficial flagship! A co-fermented field blend of Gewürztraminer, Riesling and Pinot Gris that we absolutely love making each year. Now in it’s 16th vintage. Cameron Douglas MS calls this “A wine for all occasions, people and food” and we agree. 94 Points

2021 Riesling ‘D’ – Now this is something pretty special at TWR. Dry Riesling from the original plantings of 1979. Such a fabulous wine. As Sam Kim said this wine is “A stunning beauty exhibiting precision and intricate detail”. 96 Points

2022 Rose – We make this Rose in a style that we like to drink… dry, mouth filling and truly delicious. Sam Kim also reviewed this new release and had this to say  “The palate displays excellent focus and fine texture, wonderfully framed by bright acidity. It’s light and delightfully refreshing, yet with substance and structure, finishing persistent and delicious”. 94 Points

We Love organics more than just one week or one month so this special pack will be live for September and October!  much longer as you guys have loved this pack!!

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