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Hand Picked & Hand Made

Te Whare Ra (TWR) is a small vineyard and winery located in the Marlborough sub-region of Renwick, owned by winemakers – Anna & Jason Flowerday. The 11 Ha vineyard which has predominantly loam over clay soils, is one of the oldest in Marlborough, originally planted in 1979. Yields are kept low, the vineyard is managed with a combination of organic and biodynamic practices and all the fruit is hand picked and hand-sorted.

Our Story

“Our philosophy is wholly centered on making seriously good wine. We like wines to express their place – to speak of a somewhere-ness rather than of a same-ness, we want you to be able to taste this in our wines.”

Winemakers ~ Anna & Jason Flowerday

We get asked a lot of questions about the details We get asked a lot of questions about the details of organic farming and what it means to us, so I have tried to summarise the main FAQs.

Different organic producers and farmers may answer these differently but this is our reasoning and motivation for why we converted to organic

•	Organic is “old school” farming – lots of great new tech to help us now, but many of the principles have been the same for generations
•	We are working to constantly improve the structure and fertility of our soils and to protect the farm ecosystem 
•	We work to increase biodiversity (by the use of cover crops, mixed plantings and keeping bees & cows on the property)and we focus on protection of all our precious natural resources (water and soil)
•	Organics is all about to working with nature and looking for biological solutions to pest and disease issues
•	It’s more about what we don’t do in our vineyard than what we do that makes the difference
o	no insecticides or pesticides (we use cover crops to attract predators instead)
o	no systemic fungicides (we use oil, sulphur and potassium based soaps instead)
o	no herbicides (we use under-vine weeders instead)
o	no chemical fertilisers (we use cover crops, compost and natural ferts like fish and seaweed and cow manure instead)

•	Organic farming is safer for our team and family. They are not exposed to any agrichemicals and we are providing them with a safer and happier work environment

•	By not using fossil fuel based fertilisers and by increasing the organic matter in our soils we are storing more carbon in our soils

•	We have improved the water holding capacity of our vineyard which means we use less water and that our vineyard will be more tolerant to drought and the future impacts of climate change

•	We recycle our winery waste into compost which we then use back on our vineyard to replace lost nutrients

•	We do not use any products in our vineyard or in our wines that are genetically modified organisms and or are derived from genetically modified organisms

•	So in summary we believe that organics just makes sense – it is best for our people, our planet and our place

#NZmadewithcare #nzwine
Thanks to everyone who liked my last post about ou Thanks to everyone who liked my last post about our new importers.

Unfortunately FB and Instagram seem to think that it breached community guidelines so they took it down.

I have asked for it be reviewed as I can't see how it got classified as that.

Anyway thanks for the aroha - we really appreciate it.
Hey folks, Happy to let you know that our cellar Hey folks, 
Happy to let you know that our cellar door is now open under Level 2 restrictions for tastings & sales.

Current cellar door hours are
Wed to Fri 11am till 4pm
Saturday - tastings by booking
Sunday - Closed

We are also open for wine sales on weekdays 9am till 4pm

We can sometimes accomodate tasting bookings on other days so please get in touch by phone or email.
Belated thanks to team @closhenrivineyard for host Belated thanks to team @closhenrivineyard for hosting  all of our @manawinegrowers members for a catch up earlier in the week.

Was so great to catch up with you all and really special to get to taste through some of their 2021 Sauvignon Blanc parcels from their organic estate
This wee gem is now available to our NZ trade cust This wee gem is now available to our NZ trade customers and is also wending its way offshore to the good folks @cellarhandwine @klwines @domainetaiwan 

98 points - Sam Kim @wineorbit 
96 points - @camdouglasms 
96 points - Bob Campbell MW @therealrvw 

Also available via our cellar door and online for NZ shipping.

Our 3rd release of an SV Clayvin Pinot Noir and we are super chuffed with it, especially given the challenges of the super dry growing season.
Make sure you check out the new edition of @mindfo Make sure you check out the new edition of @mindfoodmag - out this week.

Great piece on NZ Pinot Noir by @camdouglasms which includes our new release 2019 Clayvin.
Our regen paddock looking glorious in the spring s Our regen paddock looking glorious in the spring sunshine.

Resown last year with a mix of 17 different species. Was allowed to grow bulk then we strip fed the cows through it to eat and trample it down.

Now growing away like crazy with all the moisture still in the soil and a few weeks of spring weather
Today's afternoon task is really tough! Working ou Today's afternoon task is really tough! Working our way through all our library Rieslings.

D = 2004 to 2014
M = 2008 to 2014
Noble = 2006 to 2017

Confirmation of our belief that it is undoubtedly the great white grape on this earth!
Day 1 of our library stock review is underway. Th Day 1 of our library stock review is underway.

This idea has been in the works for a while but we are now full steam ahead into it. 

We are in the process of tasting and reviewing every wine we have made in our first 10 years at Te Whare Ra.

We will be setting up an order system on our website so you can add some of these gems into your order of current releases.

We will also have some available for NZ trade customers too.

First cab off the rank is Sauvignon Blanc and we are tasting the line up of 2004 to 2014.
Game day here with the All Blacks facing off again Game day here with the All Blacks facing off against the Springboks tonight. 

The vinous version of that happened a couple of days ago,  with a pre-selected top 10  Sauvignon Blancs from each nation going up against each other. 

We were really proud to have our TWR 2020 Sauvignon Blanc in the line up representing #nzwine 

Huge thanks to Erica Crawford from @loveblockwine for making it all happen for NZ
As part of our celebrations of Organic Wine Week w As part of our celebrations of Organic Wine Week we have new merch!

These new TWR tees were meant to be released this week but the NZ lockdowns put paid to that - so here is a sneak peek of what they look like.

We are taking pre-orders so get in touch by email if you want in.

#beeaware #beefriendly
During #organicwineweek we will be talking about During #organicwineweek  we will be talking about different aspects of our organic wine business from farming to winemaking to the finished product.

Today is all about our delicious @biogronz certified organic wines. 

We decided to get certified so that our customers and their customers had certainty about how our wines were grown and made. Our winery and vineyard have been fully certified since 2012 but the process started long before that with a change in practices from 2004 then into formal conversion from 2007.

All our single vineyard wines have the BioGro number on the front label - to show it's provenance and link it to it's unique place.

5182 is of huge significance to us as it is our vineyard designation number from BIOGRO for our home block.

To us and our team it represents all our hard work and effort over the past 18 years to achieve our organic certification.

 Our SV5182 wines represent
provenance, organic farming and authentic, world class wines from Marlborough.

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