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Team Te Whare Ra

Benji – Assistant Everything

Originally from Wellington but with a massive involvement in Hospitality in New Zealand, Benji is an amazing asset to the team. As the title alludes, Benji is one of those ‘yeah I can do that’ people, which makes him just fantastic to have in the vineyard and winery. The treats he brings in for morning tea are also a big hit!

Lucy – Winery Administration, Sales & Logistics

If you phone or email Te Whare Ra it’s very probable that you will be speaking with Lucy. Very efficient and super organised, Lucy has come back to the TWR family after a stint breeding Queen bees and gardening but in her words she ‘missed the dogs and the coffee machine”! She also keeps the domestic and overseas shipments, our books and us, in order, which is essential to the smooth running of Te Whare Ra.

Family – The Flowerday’s & The Burgan’s.

Our other great supporters are our families – Jason’s parents Ross and Marie Flowerday and Anna’s parents Chris & Sally Burgan. The Flowerday’s have been involved in many aspects of the Marlborough industry since the early 80s, and the Burgan’s are winegrowers from McLaren Vale in SA. Our families have always backed us to the hilt, and believed in our vision for where we wanted to take Te Whare Ra and we couldn’t have done all this without their help.

We’re a small team but a great team. We’re so thankful to have people who have a huge passion for quality wine and understand why we do things a bit differently here at Te Whare Ra. Our team motto (which is written on our staff noticeboard) is a quote by chef Marco Pierre White which very succinctly sums up our approach to what we do and how we do it – “perfection is a lot of small things done well”.

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